New Name. New Look. New Diet.



IMG_20151130_135130For the past 5 years, I’ve been giving all my time and effort towards my first blog and this is the first time I have posted here in over a year. Wow! Since I’m finding it harder to wax philosophical about running as I am injured yet again, and since I recently got a job in the food writing arena, I figured the timing is now perfect to re-brand my food blog, especially since my diet has completely changed as of late.

Say goodbye to The HamburgerBlogger and hello to my re-branded blog: The VeganBurger Blogger. (I got a custom URL and everything so you know I mean business.)

Obviously, I’ve gone vegan. Well, mostly vegan to be totally honest. Over the past 4 months, about 90% of my diet has been vegan and, since I am very new to veganism, I am trying to slowly get to 100% but am learning that the process is a gradual one. It was definitely a hard transition at first but now I am really embracing a meat free, dairy free, cruelty free way of eating and I don’t see myself going back to eating animal protein… ever.

The more I read and learn about the environmental impact and health troubles associated with a carnivorous diet, the more I am certain my life as well as the planet is better off consuming more plants and no beef or chicken. (I admit I am having some trouble saying no to the occasional seafood treat but I always make sure to chose local, sustainable, and seasonal fish when I do- more on that topic soon…)


With the re-branded blog, I still have the same focus, ‘cept different- to try every veggie burger in the Bay Area. The above photo is of The Half Orange’s portobello burger which I was lucky to demolish during Oakland’s Restaurant Week. I plan to get back to regular, detailed restaurant reviews but all, of course, with a 100% meat and dairy free bent. (Okay MAYbe some dairy here and there if it is important to the dish and if I am feeling weak but generally my posts will be all vegan, all the time.)

The other inspiration behind this re-invention of The VeganBurger Blogger is my impending attendance at the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) in Sacramento this summer. I will be attending the event my friend IRL, Everyday Erica (read her blog- it is YUMMY!).  I love everything about food- making it, eating it, taking photos of it, reading all about it, talking about it, planning my life around it- and am really looking forward to learning more about the local farm-to-fork scene, foodtech trends, and how to better put flavor into words.

Photo credit: International Food Bloggers Conference

Everything I learn, discover, and taste from the IFBC I will be relaying here. Just today, I signed up for a their America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital pre-conference excursion that includes a stop at America’s one-and-only commercial-scale producer of Belgian Endive, California Endive Farms,  followed by instruction from the California Pear Advisory Board on how to hand-harvest and pack fresh pears.  After, attendees will enjoy a light lunch of endive, pears, Delta-produced wines and other delicious locally-grown ingredients. From commercial produce production to generations of fruit farming families- I am really looking forward to capturing and sharing all I see/eat/learn at the IFBC!

With a new name, a new look, and a new diet, I am very excited to return to food blogging and capturing my passion for all things culinary and I thank you for reading.

Given this re-brand, are there any topics you would like to see covered here?  Do you have any questions about veganism, why I made the switch, and/or how this has changed my shopping and cooking habits?


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  1. I love it and can’t wait to go to IFBC with you!! xo

  2. Heather says:

    So awesome, Laura! You’re in the best area to be a vegan, too. I’m so jealous, there are only about two maybe three vegan restaurants in hawaii!

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