Burger Review: The Melt

When the good people at The Melt contacted me and asked if I would stop by their new San Francisco location and try their revamped menu, I emphatically responded, “YES!” Already a fan of The Melt and their absolutely delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, I was eager to give their new burgers a try.

I was greeted with smiles and a reserved seat, sat down and chatted with The Melt’s head of PR and marketing and before I knew it, the table started filling up with food, food, food!  I tried all 3 of the new burgers on their menu, 2 different chicken sandwiches, both types of french fries, and 2 different macaroni and cheese entrees that filled me up beyond belief!

While my burgers were being prepared, I was served both types of The Melt’s fries: The Naked and The Well Dressed.  Their Naked fries are very thinly cut russet potatoes with a perfect hint of  their proprietary “Melt Spice”.  The Well Dressed starts with a batch of Naked fries topped with a creamy, melted dose of cheddar/jack/fontina cheeses, crumbled bacon and crispy onions. While I usually prefer a thicker steak cut fry, these were the perfect balance of crispiness and seasoning.  I munched away and needed a fork to really handle The Well Dressed batch- cheese, onions, AND bacon?!  Oh my!

Next up were the new burger additions to the menu: the Original, the Mission, and the Double Bacon BBQ. The Mission burger includes charred jalapeno and spicy ketchup so one bite of that and my sissy taste buds just couldn’t take the heat so I happily focused my ingestion on the other two.

When I took a bite of The Original, I noticed the meat had a perfect medium cook and even though it was incredibly juicy, the bun still maintained its integrity and DIDN’T get completely soggy. Melted cheese on both sides of the bun acts as a “protective layer” of sorts, keeping the meat in tact and the bun surprisingly dry. Add in that cool hint of shredded lettuce and you’ve got a classic, delectable, tasty little burger!

I say “little” because The Melt’s burgers are 4 ounces of an Angus and Wagyu meat blend, all natural and locally sourced, and that’s really not little at all, for me it’s the perfect amount! Their potato buns are also made locally, from a nearby San Francisco bakery, with NO preservatives, and create a perfect patty-to-bun ratio, leaving no leftovers behind.

My favorite of the day, by far, was the Double Bacon BBQ burger. When it arrived to the table, I thought it might start flapping it’s porky wings and take flight and it did- right into my mouth! I started to tuck the bacon into the bun but then thought, “C’mon now, it’s BACON!” and just munched until I reached the bun to take a big bite.  With that perfect blend of seasoned beef plus the smoky-sweet taste of the BBQ sauce and grilled onions, I was in burger heaven! The combination was so scrumptious, I finished the whole thing… and then ate more!

I also tried 2 of their new chicken melt offerings- the Bird and the ‘Shroom- both on wheat buns,  and found them also incredibly tasty and well made.  Either would definitely be a good, healthy alternative if I ever wanted to take a break from eating burgers… like that will ever happen.

Just when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite, out came the macaroni and cheese! If you read my other blog, you know I love to run so am pretty content to have a meal of carbs, with a side order of carbs, sprinkled with carbs so I chowed on down!  The Trio (pictured above) is a heavenly blend of cheddar/fontina/jack cheese topped with crispy onions, a slight spin on the classic version.  I enjoyed the Trio but when I took a bite of The Melt’s T-Mac- melted fontina and provolone with mushrooms with a hint of truffle oil- I couldn’t stop eating!  That delicate, earthy truffle flavor plays perfectly with the mushrooms and lusciousness of the cheese- nirvana in one bite!

I give The Melt’s new menu 5 out of 5 stars- they take pride in their food and serve high quality sandwiches and salads made with ingredients sourced locally. I prefer to patronize local establishments as opposed to franchises and even though The Melt has several locations across northern and southern California, they have a very neighborhood flair that keeps regulars coming back for more several times a week! Even though I ate my face off, I noticed that I didn’t feel like I had a food coma afterwards- I felt full and great and also, will be back for more.

Thank you again, The Melt, for a such a great experience and tasty lunch! Your new menu is going to be a huge success!!!

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  1. Rad says:

    I’m trying so hard to be healthy and resist this place!!

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