Amuse Your Bouche: Belcampo Meat Up

Belcampo owns and sustainably manages farms in California, Belize and Uruguay– pastured and free range cattle, pork, lamb, goat, turkey, chicken, duck, quail, pheasant and squab- they are  the farm, the processor, AND the butcher.  Belcampo controls the entire process from breeding to feeding, farming, processing, butchering and selling, providing meats directly from farm to table.

I’ve been following Belcampo for some time as they are due to open Belcampo Meat Co. here in the Bay Area this summer.  As soon as I saw the Facebook event for their May Meat Up, I was all over it!  So yesterday I headed out to Jack London Square to claim a kebab of that 100% grass-fed deliciousness.

Belcampo’s Meat Ups are held at Blue Bottle Coffee here in Oakland.  IMHO, Blue Bottle Coffee is one of THE BEST coffee roasters in the Bay Area- they pride themselves in very fresh, high quality beans that are roasted on vintage gear, put in compostable bags, and out to the public within 48 hours.

I arrived right at noon and the Belcampo crew was already hard at work grilling and serving.

I ordered my plate and had to wait all of 2 minutes before it was handed to me- one perfectly grilled beef kebab, with a minty yogurt sauce and carrot slaw on the side as well as piece of grilled flat bread to soak up all that yummy goodness!  The cupping room at Blue Bottle was set up with table, chairs, and utensils and after ordering a cup of coffee, I settled in to enjoy my meal.

And it was perfection!  All of the flavors worked so well together- the meat was a very good portion (about 8 ounces), juicy and tender, and the carrot slaw added a pleasant crunch.  I was torn between wrapping everything up in the flat bread to nosh or just dipping the meat and bread in the yogurt-mint sauce and eating the slaw separately.  I opted for a little bit of both and feasted.  When I finally left,  I was incredibly satiated and happy to have supported two great local purveyors!

Belcampo hosts their Meat Ups every month so be sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter to find out the specifics of the next Meat Up in June!  I’ll see you there!


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  1. Jen says:

    Looks awesome! Wish the time was more convenient — are they always going to be during the week at lunch time?

    1. Laura says:

      Good question- I think they are doing these Meat Ups just to get people excited for the store opening in July. Once they open the store, will they still do the Meat Ups? Hope so!!!

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