Burger Review: Christopher’s

After burning a trillion calories at my 6am spin class this morning, after breakfast, I was hungry again by 11am; however, it wasn’t until 11:50 that I was able to step foot into Christopher’s Burgers on College Avenue here in Oakland.  (Since spin class is every Wednesday, I figure that’s the day of the week I will actually earn my burger so expect to see a burger review most every Wednesday!  Now that’s a great incentive to motivate!)

Even though it was pretty close to lunch time, when I walked in, it was empty.  Either I eat way too early or I just keep getting lucky with no waits and empty burger joints!

Worn hardwood floors, very small, very clean, very casual and very homey!  Pulled up to the counter to place my order…

… and I was a little stumped!  They have a lot of tantalizing combinations and I was torn between the Blackened Guacamole Burger or the Pesto and Oven Dried Tomato Burger.  And check out their menu below- no need to have beef if you don’t want to, they also offer a salmon burger, turkey burger, lamb burger, chicken and pork sausage burger, and a veggie-tofu burger.  SO MANY CHOICES!!!  (Definitely coming back to try that salmon burger!)

I asked the cashier if the Blackened Burger was spicy and she said, “No, just very flavorful!” and I was sold.  One Blackened Guacamole Burger and a side of fries coming up!

I guess I’m more of a sissy when it comes to spice than the cashier because I found this burger most definitely spicy!  Flavorful, yes, spicy, yes but not inedible- grabbed a fountain soda to wash down the spice and happily chomped on down! 

Christopher’s Burgers is known for choice-cut organic beef with less fat.  They trim, grind and hand-pack each burger daily.  The patty itself was a good size but, as you can see, got pretty messy as the damp lettuce mixed with the spices on the burger, drip drip dripping on to the plate and my lap.  I just hate that.

The bun was very fresh and soft, and- even though I completely forgot to order it- they also offer a wheat bun as an option at no additional cost.  The fries, however, BLECK.  Typical frozen and reheated type of thick-cut fries dusted with a little salt.  My 5 year old son even said, “These taste weird.  They’re not rough.”  I dunno what that means, exactly, but the only thing that saved the fries was Christopher’s homemade aioli.  They also have regular and chipotle mayo as well but I opted for the straight aioli and happily dipped my fries in that- oh so indulgent and delish!

I’m going to give Christopher’s 3.5 out of 5 stars this time because of those fries, the mess the patty made, and the spiciness of the burger; however, I promise to go back and try and different type of burger and fry combo (they also serve waffle fries and shoestring fries- one has just got to be a winner!) and review once again.

Christopher’s Burgers does not have a website, but you can find them here:
5295 College Ave
(between Bryant Ave & Clifton St)
Oakland, CA
(510) 601-8828


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