Burger Review: Flipside

I bought a HUMONGOUS pallet of gorgeous strawberries yesterday and have been working hard to concoct some delicious recipes but realized that it would be pretty silly to start a blog called The Hamburger Blogger and then write about strawberries so, to kick-off, here’s my first burger review: Flipside on Lakeshore Avenue here in Oakland.

Since I’m in the midst of training for my second marathon, I’m constantly hungry so when I walked into Flipside at 11:30am today, I was very happy to see that I wouldn’t have to wait too long to be served…

Hahaha- I beat the lunch rush!

But then I took a look at the menu.  It’s huge.  So many options of meat, buns, toppings, and sides that I was stumped.

They have salads on the menu too, but that’s not really the point, right?

Since this was my first time to Flipside, I- after 15 minutes of debating- finally opted for their Classic Burger on a Classic Bun with a side of Classic Fries. Boring, I know, but I believe the true success of a burger joint lies in its basics- the better the basics, the better the rest!  I’ll be more adventurous the next time, I promise.  (Their Hangover Burger with fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, and Tabasco mayo looks incredibly promising!)

It took less than 10 minutes from ordering to receiving my burger- very impressive!  I ordered my lunch to go as I was running tight on time but when it arrived, I could not help but open the box and get a good whiff of all that meaty and potatoey goodness!

… come to mamma…

And then I had to have a bite… and then just one more… might as well try the fries while I’m at it, and then I was officially running late so I boxed the burger back up and headed off to pick up my kids from school.

Not too proud to chow down in the car!

I really enjoyed the Flipside burger!  The patty was a very generous size, even a tad bigger than the bun and the meat is hormone free.  It was seasoned well and juicy but not drippy at all- I ordered it cooked medium and it was a perfect pinkish-gray.  The produce is all local and incredibly fresh- the lettuce, tomato, and red onion extremely crisp, ample, and flavorful.   The bun was very soft and fluffy but did get a little watered down as a result of the condensation from being- even though briefly- in the to go box.

Now the fries, WOO BOY!  They were DELISH!  I like my fries very hot and that they were as well as perfectly crisped on the outside- not one burned one in the bunch.  I added a little salt and pepper, because I’m daring like that, and gobbled them up which is rare for me.  Usually, as soon as the fries get cold, I’m over it but these were so good I kept right on eating!

All in all, I would give Flipside 4 stars out of 5.  I really like how many options are available on the menu but I’m taking away one star because the Classic was just that- classic.  Very, very good and satisfying but not completely outstanding.

And The Best Hamburger hunt continues…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    How does it compare to True Burger? From the menu, it looks a bit more pricey but the burger also looks bigger. Now you’ve got me curious…will have to put this on my list of places to try!

    1. Laura says:

      It *doesn’t* compare to True Burger. Okay, I may be super biased that I used to worked with the chefs that own and run True Burger, but seriously it’s The Best Burger Joint… so far… 😉 Now, *restaurant* burgers is a whole ‘nother discussion… (and Paragon @ The Claremont is in a tie for first place with Sidebar in that category… not that you asked…)

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